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5-Star Reviews on Google

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Pinnacle Pest & Wildlife Control
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 51 reviews
 by Susan
Services: Roach bait

I'm so grateful for your fast, thorough service at a price I could afford! You have given me peace of mind and I very much appreciate it! Thank you, Cody and Elliot so much!

 by Pamela Secord
Services: Pest control

Your service was top notch and very reasonably priced. You did an excellent job and it was no easy task trying to capture these squirrels and rats. Thank you so much.

 by Gary Smith
Services: ant control

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Elliot and his company, Pinnacle Pest Control. Elliot responded to our concern we had with regards to ant infiltration. He was very friendly and professional. After reviewing our situation he recommended and performed the required solution to the problem. He did not hesitate to answer any of our questions or concerns. His company name, Pinnacle Pest Control, is very appropriate as we believe he is at the top of his trade. Thanks again, Elliot.

 by Mike Edwards
Services: ant problem

I called pinnacle as we had a serious ant problem inside the house, Elliot came the same day, very professional and knowledgeable, he explained all the options to me and advised me which one would be the best for us. He got straight on the job and I'm really happy to that two days later I have no ant problem. I would also like to add his prices are very reasonable and I highly recommend him.

 by Tierra Graham

Amazing service and always very polite and friendly. From a Google Review

 by YoshiGuy 99

From a Google Review

 by Alex Sutliff

From a Google Review

 by Colleen Schroeder

Elliot is very professional, knowledgeable, and super friendly! We had a raccoon living in our yard, he set the trap in the evening, and the raccoon was relocated by 9am next morning! Highly recommend him! From a Google Review

 by Chelsea Britton

I was super happy with how fast Elliot responded when I initially contacted him. We tried a few other companies before contacting Pinnacle but they either didn’t get back to us at all or were booking so far out! He was very friendly and knowledgeable, and the fact he backs up his work for a year is very reassuring. We would definitely recommend his services, thank you for getting rid of our ant problem! From a Google Review

 by Virginia Roberts

We had Pinnacle Pest and Wildlife Removal come out to remove the rodents from under our deck and shed. They also put in preventative measures to stop anymore pests from making a nest here again. They were pleasant and professional and gave us some great tips on stopping moles from wrecking our lawn. We would highly recommend them. From a Google Review

 by Janet Bristeir

I would recommend Elliot, he was very knowledgeable and polite. Explained the process of live trapping and relocating the rodents he captured. From a Google Review

 by Cristine Grimard

Great service! Personable and took the time to explain what to expect and how the treatment works. Thank you! From a Google Review

 by RN Scott

From a Google Review

 by Rick Fast

I was at my wit's end when I hired Pinnacle Pest control. The job took a little longer than I expected but thanks to Pinnacle Pest control the rodents are totally gone. Great work! From a Google Review

 by D Eagle

Elliot is unreservedly a superstar. He's not only professional, quick, responsive and incredibly knowledgeable, but he's clearly passionate about what he does. His rates are very reasonable, too. He went out of his way to dig past furniture and into far corners to exterminate a scary infestation of carpenter ants in my house, and as promised, a month later there is still no sign of ants. The spray also killed silverfish and spiders as a bonus; plus the work was guaranteed! I would not hesitate to recommend Elliot, he is our hero. What a relief to have this done and done right the first time. From a Google Review

 by Harkunin

Always had excellent service, timely response, and a thorough investigation of the infested area. Constant attention to the home helped remove a relatively large rat infestation with just a few weeks of bait and trap process. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to control their pest problems and would definitely use the service again. From a Google Review

 by Roy Nakamoto

It was reassuring to have someone with an Fisheries/Wildlife preservation background with passion for what they do give a thorough explanation that made sense on how to deal with the ant issue, and a competitive, quickly scheduled and efficiently applied solution with a year warranty. I have already shared the contact information with my friends and neighbours who may be able to use Elliot’s services to help protect their investment. Thanks again Elliot ! Roy Nakamoto. From a Google Review

 by Kirby Lietz

From a Google Review

 by Mehdi Khashei

Elliot is a very professional, and quick reliable guy, I’m glad we hired him for our ants problem he’s explaining very well, and understanding person, highly recommended. From a Google Review

 by Taylor Doughty

From a Google Review

 by Stacy Evans

From a Google Review

 by Rebecca Stanley

From a Google Review

 by Brook Bennett

From a Google Review

 by Chris Gale

From a Google Review

 by Natalia Bury

From a Google Review

 by Marg Enns

Prompt response. Pleasant knowledgeable. From a Google Review

 by Alicia Burkham

From a Google Review

 by Dylan Kohuch

From a Google Review

 by George McKinney

Elliott is personable, professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. He explained to us what he was doing every step of the way while he worked to evict rats and squirrels from our home and property. 10/10 recommend! From a Google Review

 by Chris Adams

Elliot was a beauty !!!! Did some great quick work. From a Google Review

 by Kelly Shaw (Mirrortree)

I called Pinnacle upset about rats making it into my mobile home. Elliot was able to come by the same day and immediately started working to get rid of them. He was super friendly and took the time to fully outline the plan, which I'm happy to say has worked. He really went above and beyond making himself available to come by to clear the traps inside the house whenever necessary. He was also really good about answering all of my questions. Highly recommend. From a Google Review

 by Racheal Rubin

Elliot did a fantastic job with our rats we are now rat free and by far the most affordable out of 3 quotes we had. Very much appreciated Elliot. From a Google Review

 by Jill Bentley

From a Google Review

 by Mercedes Takacs

Pinnacle pest and wildlife control did an incredible job responding quickly to help us with our rodent problem. They were very responsive and knowledgeable in the advice that was given. Highly recommend them!!

 by Deborah Lee

Elliott has been nothing but professional always get back to you when you call. He thought he would only have to come a couple of times for our rat problem, but it’s been eight times he’s had to come and get rid of our rats. Always with a smile on his face. Thank you. From a Google Review

 by Curtis Coulter

From a Google Review

 by Lynn Davidson

Extremely polite and professional on every appointment. Knows how to treat his customers right. Thanks elliot, it was a pleasure learning about our native species of small mammals! From a Google Review

 by Kristin Weir

Elliott was so fast! And extremely accommodating, I was having a total melt down Christmas Eve over the billions of ants that took over my apartment… he saved the day! And I haven’t seen I live one sense! From a Google Review

 by Gage Pfeifer

From a Google Review

 by Chris Richmond

Excellent service would definitely use again. From a Google Review

 by Sam Lynette

Elliot took care of our rodents out of our garage and attic. Even though he charged us for screening up to 3 access holes, he found two other holes and sealed them for free. Super friendly and passionate about wildlife. Would recommend him to everyone! Thanks Elliot! From a Google Review

 by Jason Johnson

From a Google Review

 by Yung Ry

Did an amazing job exterminating all of the mice from under my house. I 100% recommend his services. From a Google Review

 by Jeff Hathaway

Elliot was very professional from start to finish. Came in and explained exactly what was going to happen from the second he started to the timeframe that we should be back inside out home. The services he provided worked perfectly and we are more then happy with him. Highly recommended. Google Review

 by Angela McClenahan
Services: Rodents

There was a squirrel looking to make a home in the attic. It had found a way in and Elliot took care of the problem. There are no longer any squirrels in the attic and the entrance they were using was sealed.
The service was friendly and professional. He explained what he was doing and resolved the situation.
I would highly recommend! From a Google Review

 by Simon C
Services: Rodents, Inspection

I called Pinnacle to come help me deal with , what i thought, was a very bad infestation of mice. I had recently moved into a small house that was not well taken care of, there was obvious evidence of mice droppings. Elliot was very quick to respond and come see the problem and set traps. Which with his knowledge he quickly identified the mice as deer mice, which he informed me could lead to health issues if we didn't deal with this asap.

So after the first night we only trapped 5 mice. Which he said right away that meant we didn't have a major problem luckily. And he was correct in his assumption as we only caught 3 more mice the next following 3 days. It's been a month and I haven't seen any evidence of any new mouse activity since then. After sealing all the openings in my house , I am confident Elliot's professional work will keep my rodent free for many seasons.

Thank Elliot! From a Google Review

 by Henry Enns
Services: Rodents

Had some rats in my garage and shed. They took care of them quickly 👍 From a Google Review

 by Andrea Lacerte
Services: Ants, Cockroaches, Hornets or wasps, Wildlife, Spiders, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Termite inspection, Bees, Termites, Fleas or mites

Elliot is super professional and knowledgeable. We had him remove a bad bee problem, and yard moles. He is very passionate about his job and helping people, and will make sure the job gets done efficiently and safely. I 100% recommend pinnacle pest control!!!!!!!!! You will not be disappointed. Good rates for the job being done properly. From a Google Review

 by Alex Monaghan

Awesome company. Elliot was very knowledgeable and dealt with our skunk problem. From a Google Review

 by Anita Goddard
Services: Rodents

We were shown a rat highway high in the hedge. Traps were set where no kitty would get hurt. Within the week….13! rats were removed. Now rodent free! From a Google Review

 by Anonymous

He got rid of my fruit flies, also helped seal my garage door so mice wouldn’t get in. From a Google Review